‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – Who Was The Mastermind Of The Sokol Project?

In the third season of “Jack Ryan,” the titular agent finds himself in the middle of a Russian conspiracy called the Sokol Project. The aim of this operation is to return the Soviet Union to its former glory and make it the most fearsome nation in the whole world.

Ryan obviously doesn’t want that to happen, but he has a hard time convincing everyone that this is a very real threat because he has nothing tangible that backs his theory.

With James Greer and Elizabeth Wright’s blessing, he wades into murky waters, literally and figuratively, and finds himself rescuing a Russian insider named Yuri instead of nuclear material pointing towards this sinister plot.

Things proceed to go sideways when the police kill Ryan’s extraction team, as well as the insider, and send him on the run. And the Russian Defense Minister, Dmitry Popov, gets assassinated right in front of Czech President Alena Kovac,

hereby sending global politics into a downward spiral. So, let’s talk a little about the two most important things before getting to the ending: the roots of the Sokol Project and how Jack Ryan figures out the Russians’ endgame.

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