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7 Cooking Hacks For Healthy and Tasty Food at Home

Cooking is no doubt an art that not everyone excels at. We all have noticed that dishes prepared by some taste awesome, but that may not be the case for everyone. In reality, being proficient in cooking does not guarantee great taste. Read on to know some tips that will add a great taste to your food and leave everyone smacking their lips. These simple but important tips can be a deciding factor of how better a cook you are:

While making parathas

While making parathas, add some grated boiled potatoes in it since it makes the parathas tasty. Also, if parathas are made in butter instead of oil or ghee, their taste increases.

While preparing gravy or curry

While making the gravy, try mixing some sattu in it. This makes your gravy thick as well as tasty.

This is how to make pakodas

While making the batter for the pakodas, add some arrowroot and hot oil to it. This makes the pakodas crispy as well as delicious. Apart from this, sprinkling chaat masala on it while serving pakodas enhances their taste even more.

Do this while making puris

To make crispy puris, add some rice flour while kneading the dough. You can also add semolina instead of rice flour. Also, after adding one or two spoons of sugar while kneading the dough, they swell up well.

While preparing noodles

Add some salt and oil to the boiling water along with the noodles. After that take it out and wash it with cold water so that they do not stick together.

How to make your paneer soft

Paneer sometimes gets very hard. So, keep the paneer in lukewarm water for 10 minutes after adding some salt to it. This makes the paneer soft.

Do this while making rice

While making rice, if you add a little amount of lemon juice to it, the rice becomes blooming and tasty.

Store bhindi like this

If bhindi has to be kept fresh for a long time, then apply mustard oil on it. This will keep their freshness intact.

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