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From Cold Air To DIY Masks, Here Are Some No-Heat, No-Damage Methods To Achieve Straight Hair Look


Curly, wavy hair needs a heat tool to be straightened, but without a heat tool, it looks like the work of witches, or at the very least, a Disney princess–style sidekick band of dancing animals. We are all jealous of women who have flawlessly straight hair that is silky and controllable. Who doesn’t desire straight, frizz-free hair that makes them seem attractive and chic?

However, using a hair straightener day after day may not be the best option for your hair. Treating your hair with styling tools more frequently might cause lasting damage that cannot be reversed. There are, however, certain natural methods that might assist you in straightening your hair. Though they are not as efficient, they do protect your hair from the severe damage that these styling products cause.

Use hair straightening products

There are cleansers, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in serums, hairsprays, and pretty much anything else you can imagine that are designed to settle and smoothen your hair. Trying to get to grips with products designed for straight hair or to help style your hair simpler might be a good place to begin.

Using cold air, blow dry your hair

If you’ve already nailed straight and smooth hair with the standard “blow-dry,” you might want to experiment with cold air blows instead. After allowing your hair to air-dry around three-fourths of the way, split it into parts as usual. Use the “cool” mode on your blow-dryer, ensuring it moves constantly from root to tip. While drying your hair, place the blow-dryer approximately six inches apart from the hair.

The wrap method

Another method that takes time but is excellent and effective if you do not wish to harm your hair with heat. Wrap-drying is a technique in which you can use a medium-sized round brush to firmly wrap your hair in one specific direction and secure it with bobby pins. Your hair will remain straight and silky while it dries.

Make use of a straightening hair mask

A smoothing hair mask is yet another no-heat hair straightening treatment. You can apply a deep condition mask right away. Because hair masks eliminate frizz and hydrate your tresses, they leave your hair to seem straighter. For an intense conditioning effect, apply a hair mask including raw egg, honey, or banana. Heated coconut or almond oil can also be used as hot-oil massages to enrich and thicken frizzy hair.

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