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How To Get Into The World’s Most Exclusive Club? These Pointers Might Help You Crack The Door Open


Berlin, Germany, is a place where the skies are covered with Techno fever. Ostentatious and relentless lights and a throbbing high BPM music is what a nightclub in Berlin looks and sounds like. However, despite the common characteristics, there is one nightclub that still stands strong as a place where people die (not literally) to get into.

Berghain is one of the most famous and most exclusive clubs in the world. Located in Berlin, this club is considered to have the toughest door policy ever seen. People are said to wait for hours in line and that too without any surety of getting in. Multiple platforms on the internet take up the responsibility of figuring out the things one needs to do to get into Berghain but seldom comes near to the exact recipe. Maybe because there is none.

However, one of the most cited sites for instructions is currently fostering a guide that has listed certain things one can do to see the interiors of Berghain, a thing that has now become the epitome of privilege with time. wikiHow has come up with a golden list of rules that may increase your chance of getting into arguably the most exclusive club in the world.

Wear Black; It Might Cut You Some Slack

It is backed by multiple people who share their pieces of advice that wearing black increases your chances of getting into Berghain. Although it is not engraved as an official rule, it does make a difference if you follow. If not black, dark colours might work too.

Do Not Drink Or Else Your Chances Might Shrink

This one is kind of a universal rule. Heading to a club without your head in control might get you kicked out of any club, let alone the world’s most exclusive club. Avoid drinking too much before you take a position in the line of people waiting to enter the premises of Berghain.

Be Yourself Outside The Club To Get Inside The Club

You can consider this as a rule-cum-advice. It is always right to not be pretentious and be some you are not. Bouncers guarding the door at Berghain are touted as eyes that can see more than just your body. It is beneficial if you bring your true self to the doors of Berghain.

Prohibited Combination: Berghain, Bouncers, And Bargain

It is smart to stick to your word and not let go easily if things are not going your way… at a flea market. However, when it comes to one of the most private and restricted clubs in the world, it is better to stay away from bargaining your way into Berghain.

Politeness goes a long way, and it might just lead you into the premises of the club. But in case you do not get the entry, it is better to politely accept the rejection. You can always come the next time and try again. Who knows, you might get the fruits of the seeds of politeness you sowed last time.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule or trick to enter the premise of Berghain, but this list seems the closest to the key to the quest, the quest called Berghain.

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