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Karan Johar: Here’s a Sneak Peek Into the Filmmaker’s Style Diary


Fans adore celebrities for their quirky fashion trends and outfits, and in Bollywood, Karan Johar is the one who always manages to remain on top of the game. And why not, it was him who popularised the trend for unique and quirky attires.

The filmmaker never misses an opportunity to flaunt his dazzling sense of style. Karan has accepted his love for fashion and even pictures himself as a stylist if not a director. His recent videos where he gives out his fashion tip of the day confirmed the same.

In the first video, he gave his first tip where he asks the viewers to “Go oversized. Don’t go skinny, because the plus-size is the new skinny.”

In the second video of his fashion tip of the day #FTOTD, he recommended the Bandana print which is also known as Paisley print. The filmmaker informed the viewers that this print is in trend.

Many times he has even broken the stereotype attached to the men’s dressing by wearing colourful outfits, accessories, and even heels.

And when it comes to the sunglasses, Karan Johar sticks to his own style of “going big”. No one throws shade better than him, as he has the most outlandish collection in Bollywood.

It isn’t just the sunglasses but the filmmaker is a big fan of glitters, sparkles, and other accessories like neck pieces and rings. Check these pictures:

Undoubtedly, the director has the astounding ability to pay attention to every little detail. And when it comes to trying some over-the-top and quirky prints, no one can beat him. From the Bandana print to Leopard print, the producer has flaunted it all. Check it out.

There is not a single haute couture that the ace director and producer doesn’t own. He has it all – Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. And he doesn’t shy away from showing off his craze for the luxury fashion brands.

Dressing up and giving his fans and followers some over-the-top looks is not a rarity when Karan Johar is involved. What are your views on some of these looks?

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