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No domestic help: With Omicron scare its time to balance ‘work at home’ along with Work From Home


Image Source : FREEPIK No domestic help: With Omicron scare its time to balance ‘work at home’ along with WFH

With COVID19 cases taking a heavy toll and the situation getting worst with the Omicron scare in the country, India is hurtling towards the third wave. With an exponential increase in covid cases, many workplaces and offices have already given their employees ‘Work from home,’ while at home, several people have refused domestic help. With the long working hours, people are juggling between various responsibilities. The absence of housemaids is making people struggle hard to finish their office and household work.

With ‘Work From Home’ in place, is high time that all the family members start ‘work at home’ too. Dividing responsibilities not only help to reduce the work pressure but makes it easier to manage professional and personal commitments. Cleaning, cooking and looking after children are some of the important work which needs to be shared.  The pandemic has also altered our fitness and exercise, but contributing in the household work somehow helps us maintain our fitness and health regime. 

Multitasking and playing many roles simultaneously gradually becomes hectic for a person. The pandemic has left working women stressed and overwhelmed by the intensity of balancing full-time office work and household chores. Working mothers have to compromise with their sleep to complete the given task.

Managing the office, home and kids at the same time is definitely not easy, thus distributing the duties among family members can be a relief for them as well. Ultimately, the mental load is a mental health issue and dividing work and pressure can help a person manage things better and properly.


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