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Royal Parenting: Know how Kate Middleton Gets Her Children to behave

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is very well known as a hands-on royal mom. And amidst all the important duties, she makes sure to prioritise her three children — Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6), and Prince Louis (3), just like Princess Diana before her.

And undoubtedly, both Prince William and the Duchess have done an amazing job in raising the heirs to the throne. Often, on the outside, it appears that royals may live a lavish life, and quickly fix all their problems. They may even acquire whatever they lay their eyes on, but the truth is they also face parenting challenges.

Even though the Royal Duchess is a super mom, there were occasions when she threw light on her struggles with parenting and the challenges she faced during her pregnancy. The biggest challenge is to handle the toddler’s tantrums, whether in public or private, but even for that, she has a way out.

An old interview of an insider of the Royal Family with Radar Online is resurfacing the internet where the source informed the publication that the Duchess uses a simple secret code to calm her children down.

According to the reports, whenever Prince George acts out, Kate says “Let’s take a break”, and hands him the toys and puzzle especially designed to calm him down. And as soon as she uses this phrase, her children automatically realise that they need to calm down.

Reportedly, both the parents use this technique, but if something like this happens in public then the Duchess prefers to communicate with the children in a more engaging manner.

As per the reports, Kate passionately believes in boosting the happiness of her children by allowing a lot of playtimes outside, and enjoying the “simple things”.

The report added that Prince William supports his wife completely in keeping a check on the children.

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