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Symptoms Of Chickenpox In Children And A Few Caring Tips

Chickenpox is an infectious disease for which the varicella-zoster virus is responsible. Chickenpox affects the majority of children at some point in their lives. It is more common in children under the age of 10. During an infection, the immune system produces proteins known as antibodies. These combat the virus and give lifetime protection against it. As a result, having more than one attack of chickenpox in your lifespan is unusual.

Symptoms are normally moderate in children, but they in some cases can be fatal in newborns, children, and adults, as well as people with compromised immune systems.

Below are the most prevalent symptoms of chickenpox:

Mood swings and fatigue 1–2 days before the symptoms appear

Itchy, red rashes that develop into small, fluid-filled blisters over the trunk, face, head, shoulders, upper arms, and legs, inside the lips.


Loss of appetite limitation

Muscle or joint discomfort

Coughing or a blocked nose

Chickenpox symptoms might be confused with those of other skin diseases or medical illnesses. If a child who has been immunised against the illness is exposed to it, he or she may experience a milder illness with a limited and less intense rash and a low or no fever.

Treatments and remedies

In most children, the symptoms of chickenpox usually go away on their own after approximately a week. Try these home remedies to help your child heal faster:

Give a warm bath with raw oats to the child.

Using calamine lotion on affected areas.

Dress the child in loose-fitted, non-irritating clothes. Some babies may feel more at ease with just a diaper.

Stopping newborns from scratching their blisters.

Keep the child’s nails neat and short to avoid infection from touching the blisters.

A doctor may give an antiviral medicine if the kid’s symptoms are severe or if the youngster is at a higher risk for health problems from chickenpox. These medications can assist the child’s body in fighting the illness and may lessen the severity and length of symptoms.

(Disclaimer: The health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and general knowledge. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.)

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