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This is How You Can Take Better Care of Your Indoor Plants in Winter


It’s amazing what a walk in the park can do when you’re feeling down. This is because connecting with nature improves our well-being. Spending time in green spaces can help us relax and lessen mental tiredness. However, we also do bring the green into our homes as many of us are fond of keeping plants at our residences as well as offices. Apart from enhancing the appearance of a place, indoor plants also make us feel good. However, anyone who keeps indoor plants would know that maintaining them is not as easy as it looks. The worst thing that could happen to you after you excitedly bring a plant home is the plant to wither and die.

The founder of Bonasila, Kapil V, says that care of the plants should be maximum in winters when their growth rate slows significantly and become dormant. He suggested the following to better take care of your plants during the winter season.

Reduce the amount of water

In the winter, the pace of development of house plants slows drastically, indicating that they require significantly less watering. Overwatering can lead to decay. Watering needs vary by plant, however in the winter, once every two weeks or even less is thought to be sufficient.

Place your plants in areas that get adequate light

As the days grow shorter, it’s critical to move indoor plants to a location where they can receive the most sunshine. Light sensitivity varies per plant, and too much sunlight can damage some plants. It’s important to know about your plant’s light requirements.


A buildup of dust on the leaves can clog their pores, allowing bugs to enter. Cleaning them on a regular basis is essential, especially during the winter. In addition, any leaves that are broken or infected should be removed because they can transmit diseases or pests. Cleaning these plants with a brush is recommended.

Monitor room humidity

Many indoor plants prefer cooler temperatures. Our homes are frequently too dry and hot for our requirements, and heating in the winter just makes things worse. Keeping the environment humid will help keep your house plants happy.

Control room temperature

Adjustment to changes in temperature is something most indoor plants are unable to deal with. In the winter, plants get an equal dose of cold and chilly air coming in through door and windows and heat from fireplaces or radiators. The key to keeping them healthy is to keep the temperature steady.

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