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Benefits of Exercise on Sexual Health

Maintaining an active lifestyle and eating healthy is the need of the hour. Most of us try to atleast work out 3-4 days a week. Experts say an array of ailments can be done away with if a person indulges in regular workouts. And, now, as per a growing body of research, regular exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle can help you maintain robust sexual health. Regular exercise greatly influences the sexual health of a person by keeping various bodily functions efficient. As per a study by the National Institute of Health, 31 percent of men and 43 percent of women suffer from poor sexual health. Moreover, in times, when the population is grappling with anxiety, stress, and isolation triggered by the pandemic, poor sexual health has become more prevalent than ever.

Therefore, it is important to adopt ways to improve sexual health, the most effective being exercise. So, here are some healthy ways in which regular exercise influences your sexual health.

Exercise helps a person reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart diseases. As a result, a person’s sexual health is greatly improved as sex organs largely rely on a healthy blood flow. An improved blood circulation helps both men and women have an enhanced and orgasmic sexual experience.

With an improved cardiovascular health, the body’s stamina also proliferates and ensures a reinforced sex drive. The stamina and longevity are the ingredients that end up giving you and your partner utmost satisfaction.

A positive body image can do wonders for your sex life. If you exercise daily, your body will be in good shape, which will result in a healthy and positive body image. It is an important factor as the contrary greatly reduces your sex drive and can lead to sexual anxiety and a dysfunctional libido.

Stress is also an enemy to your sexual health as it reduces your concentration and makes you wander off while you are with your partner, resulting in a decreased sex drive. Exercise will ensure that your stress level is kept in check and prevent it from sabotaging your sex life.

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