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Going for a funeral? 6 etiquette to follow while mourning someone’s passing

Image Source : YOGEN SHAH Lata Mangeshkar’s funeral prayer at Shivaji Park, Mumbai


  • From dressing correctly to choosing the right words, here’s a list of dos and don’ts at a funeral
  • Avoid bringing up morbid details with the family as it is insensitive
  • Remember, there is a lot of weight in a hug, a pause or silence

Someone’s death naturally causes grief to people who were close to them and who shared a bond with the bereaved. It is common practice for people to gather while mourning the passing of someone they knew during their lifetime. During this sensitive time, it is important that you must follow some unsaid etiquette so that you do not interfere with someone’s grief. Here’s a listing of dos and don’ts at a funeral. 

Dress properly

It is important to wear subdued clothing when going to attend someone’s funeral. Do not wear anything flashy. It is not the time to make a bold fashion statement so stick to subtle colours and avoid being overly casual with the dressing. 

What not to say?

There are some topics that mustn’t be brought up while attending someone’s funeral. Details regarding the death of the person is one of them. It should not be brought up during a discussion with the family or a closed one. Be aware in advance or wait for the correct time to get apprised of morbid details. Phrases that may seem comforting like “He’s in a better place,” and “The pain will lessen in time” should also be avoided. Remember, there is power and meaning in silence, pause or a hug. 

Avoid mobile phone usage

Mobile phones must be turned off while attending someone’s funeral gathering. Refrain from using cell phones for trivial purposes as it comes across as insensitive to the other person’s feelings. Picture-taking can be encouraged with the consent of the family and in a tasteful matter so that memories from the time are preserved. 

Should children attend?

Children should not be attending funerals if they are likely to cause commotion of any sort. If the kids are well aware of what has happened and what the gathering is for, they must be given a choice. 

Avoid overindulgence

If food and drinks are served during a funeral, avoid overindulgence. Eat up ahead of vising the service gathering. You do not want to come across as the person who was there just to eat! Limit alcohol consumption as it comes with the risk of doing stepping boundaries. 

Embrace the religious elements

Embracing and respecting the religious elements of a funeral gathering are encouraged. If the deceased person’s faith is not aligned to yours, observe and embrace. Tradition is an important aspect of a funeral so do not be disrespectful in any manner. 






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