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6 tips that will help you ditch cell phone addiction

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/SAMSUNGMOBILE 6 tips that will help you use cell phone for lesser duration 


  • Often, people are seen spending hours on their cell phone at a stretch
  • Guilty of spending long hours on your cell phone? Just put it away
  • Time-tracking apps may help you in restricting cell phone use

Cell phones have made our lives easier. With documentation and even payments going digital, the six inches of screen has become an extended version of ourselves and it is impossible to image a life in today’s day and age without a smart phone by your side. Be it kids or elderly, a smart phone has become everyone’s favourite accessory but one’s relationship with their gadget has also become a cause of concern. Often, people are seen spending hours on their cell phone at a stretch. Such habits take time away from meaningful activities of life and lead to ‘addiction’.

If you are gulity of spending long hours on your cell phones, here are a few tips that can help you go easy on that gadget of yours. 

Put time-tracking app to use

Most of the social media apps have an in-built time-tracking feature that alert you after you cross a set limit of time using them. Similarly, you can use a general time-tracking app and monitor how many hours you spend on your cell phone. Identify how much extra time you are spending with your phone and reduce the usage accordingly and in phases. 

Find ways to spend reclaimed time

Once you have free time on your hands that is not spent in using a cell phone, you will have to figure out how you would like to spend those extra minutes or hours. Reading, exercising, cooking and learning a music instrument can be good ways to spend the time as these activities are therapeutic and do not stress your out. Else, you can just take a deep breath and do nothing. This will help you wind down and relax. 

Shift your mobile charging location

Once your mobile has exhausted all its juice, it needs to be charged before use. These couple of hours can be spent away from the phone and the best way to do that is to charge your phone in a separate place. Since you will be phyically separated frm your mobile, you will have that much time window on your hand. 

Put your mobile away after workday ends

During work hours, use of cell phones becomes a necessity. But do not over indulge. When your work hours are over, put away your cell phone in a drawer or a cabinet. This will help you invest your undivided time and energy into something else. 

Restrict use of social media apps

Using social media apps is pretty time consuming. Most of the apps come with a ‘loop’ setting that keeps on showcasing pics and videos without any break. If you restrict the use of social media apps or better, delete them, you will see how much extra time you will have on your hands. 

Be in the moment

It is often seen that people multi task with their cell phone while eating, meeting another person, while walking, in the toilet and even during other activities. This distracts a person’s mind and does not let them be in the moment. It can also also make the fellow person feel unwanted and ruin your relationship with them. Keep your cell phone aside and enjoy the moment and the nature as much as possible.  



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