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Happy Propose Day 2022: Polite and Unique Ways to Say No to a Marriage Proposal

When it comes to choosing a life partner one must always go with what your heart is trying to say. It is possible that you are in a relationship for quite some time, but, still, you are unable to see a future with that person. Or, you are not able to explain it to your partner because you are afraid that they might get hurt. Not just this, but if that person surprises you with a marriage proposal then what would you do? It is a tricky situation because turning down something as big as a marriage proposal can never be easy. The correct approach for such a situation is to stay ahead of the game and opt for a diplomatic approach rather than telling the entire truth brutally. Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2022, here are a few ways you can end your relationship without hurting your partner.

This might sound old school, but it is the mature thing to do at this point when you are about to leave your partner. Talk to them, explain how you feel about this relationship and what your priorities are currently. A person who cares about you will always understand you.

One good point about being in a relationship is that you know your partner quite well now. If you think that your partner is acting differently and is planning to propose to you, then that is your cue. At that very time, you start doing things that your partner hates like for example, if your partner doesn’t want a baby then start talking about having one or about keeping pets if they hate animals.

  • Change interests and ideology

Start showing interest in things that are completely against your partner. For an instance, a loyal partner would never agree to an open marriage. So all you have to do is you say to them that yes you will marry him/her but you want an open marriage. And by doing this you will eventually convince your partner that you won’t stay loyal and might cheat at some point.

  • Say maybe and cut ties eventually

Don’t say no directly on your partner’s face at the time of the proposal as that will break their heart and if the proposal is made in a public place, then saying no in front of so many people will be extremely embarrassing for them. In such scenarios, you can beat around the bush and ask for more time then eventually maintain distances with your partner.

  • Find another person for your partner

When you get the feeling that you aren’t seeing the future with your partner then you can set them up with an acquaintance of yours, who you think might fit perfectly with your partner. This way you can get out of the awkward situation of saying no.

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