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Want to get out of bed faster in the morning? These 5 tips will help you

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION Want to get out of bed faster in the morning? These 5 tips will help you


  • If you have a morning ritual, then your overall day will be better and productive
  • The temptation to go back to sleep after waking up early has to be avoided at all costs
  • Exercise during early mornings and avoid using cell phones lying down on the bed

A tiring day surely leads to a good night’s sleep but getting up the next day can be task for many. Especially during the winters, or if the AC is turned on in the summers, gettting out of a warm and comfy bed may seem like a huge effort. Some just try to stay in as long as possible for the lack of a proper morning ritual and in turn rush up things before finally geting the day started. Even after the alarm goes off, the snooze mode comes in handy for some and time keeps getting wasted. So how can you get out of bed faster without being grumpy about it? Here are a few tips that can make your mornings feels energised, productive and better overall. 

Arrange for natural light to seep in before going to sleep

One of the benefits of early mornings is the light and warmth of the sun rays. Don’t rob yourself of the pleasures of nature and make sure to open the curtains or blinds of your room, even partially, before you get into bed in the night. The sun reminds our mind and body that it’s daytime and that we should be awake and ready for the day.

Place your alarm clock away from the bed

Placing the alarm clock at a distance from the bed will force you to leave the bed at once. If you have to get out of bed to shut the alarm sound, avoid the temptation to get into the bed back again as doing this may put you into deep sleep before you even know it. 


Having a planned workout routine in the morning will help your day be better. You will feel energised in the mornings and have the energy to go thorugh the entire day without wanting to nap. It will also help your body feel better in the longer run. If you are not used to working out at all, start slowly but focus on being consistent. Before you know it, workout will become part of your system and will be a good excuse to get out of bed without wasting any more time than is required. 

Stick to a routine

Havng a routine will help you manage your time and life better. Go to sleep at a fixed time in the night and wake up at a fixed time. Find things to do by waking up early if you have extra time at hand. Fun activities like playing, spending time with a friend or doing other things that make you feel happy will naturally make you want to get out of bed faster and not find excuses to spend those extra 5-10 minutes in bed. If you stick to a daily routine, you will no longer need an alarm clock to wake up, let alone the temptation to sleep longer than required. 

Avoid using cell phone in the morning

Cell phones are a big distraction at any point during the day. Most of the people who wake up to the sound of the alarm spend time on their phones, lying down on the bed. If you have to use the phone in the morning, fix the time and use it only till absolutely necessary. Remember, once you have completed your fixed morning routine, there will be plenty of time to spend with the phone during the day. Additonally, also avoid using the phone during late nights as this will mess up your sleep cycle and mornings will naturally be late. 

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.  



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