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Here’s How You Can Convert Regular Cakes To Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the epitome of convenience. To enjoy one, no forks, knives, spoons or any kind of fuss are required and you can simply drown into their excellence. However, if you are feeling productive, there are ways you can make a cupcake of your own from leftover cake and cake batter. So, it is time to get busy in the kitchen and tweak your favourite cakes into cupcakes that you can enjoy this weekend.

Cupcakes from readymade cakes

This is really very simple and does not need much explanation. Scoop little cakes pieces from the larger one using circular cutters or sharp-edged bowls. Your cupcakes are now ready to be decorated on the sides and topped with cream.

Choose your standard cake recipe

The first step is to choose your standard cake recipe. Not every cake is suited to be turned into a cupcake. Cakes with a lot of fat, such as pound cakes and mud cakes, are may be too thick for cupcakes. Flourless cakes, on the other hand, lack the structure and binding of cupcakes and may collapse. So, if you’re going to make a cupcake with leftover batter, make sure it’s the one in which the butter and sugar have been whisked for a long period to achieve a smooth texture.

Preheat the oven

When converting cake to cupcakes, the first thing to consider is the baking temperature. Preheat the oven as you prepare the batter by choosing your temperature first. Between 325°F and 375°F, most cupcakes bake well. Conveniently, these are also the temperatures at which cakes are often baked.

Low and slow for flat tops

If you want your cupcakes to have a rather level or flat top, bake them at a low temperature (325°F). These cupcakes are ideal for adorning with a generous amount of neatly piped icing. If you bake your cupcakes at 325°F, they are likely end up with slightly crisp edges.

Texture and taste

Cupcakes have a chiffon-like, silky texture that isn’t overly firm. As a result, adjusting the batter’s texture is critical. Make sure the butter is beaten first, then the sugar, whipped cream, and the mixture is whisked together before adding the remaining ingredients. This will give your cupcakes a chiffon-like finish. So, if you’re going to utilise leftover batter, make sure to mix it again and smooth it out with melted butter. Always prepare a test cupcake before attempting to make a large batch of cupcakes.

Check Texture of cupcakes

Cupcakes rise more quickly than cakes, so double-check that they’re baked all the way through. Try using atoothpick to insert anddouble-check.

Decorating your cupcakes

Decorate the cupcakes with cream cheese icing once they’re done. Combine cream cheese, whipped cream, vanilla extract, food colouring, and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl. Fill a piping bag with the whipped cream and use it to garnish the cupcakes.

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