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Here’s Why 10 Minutes of Daily Workout is Beneficial for Your Health


Every health expert across the globe recommends all to add some sort of physical activity in their daily regime, but making regular exercises part of the fast-paced urban lifestyle may seem impossible. The has been recommended that adults should get at least two and a half hours of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense aerobic fitness per week. However, nearly 80 percent of people avoid working out simply because of time constraints.

But many can find a spare 10 minutes in their day, whether it’s right after they wake up, before taking a quick shower, during their lunch break, or after dinner. And ten-minute workouts–or micro workouts–are perfect for people with packed schedules.

But, is 10 minutes of exercise a day enough to keep a person fit and healthy? So the answer to that is experts believe that 10 minutes a day can help a person, especially if the person isn’t already exercising consistently.

Not just this, but the findings of a recent study informed that annually, about 1,10,000 fatalities could be prevented if US adults aged 40 to 85 increased their moderate-to-vigorous physical activity intensity (MVPA) by a small amount—as little as just 10 minutes a day.

It has also been said that micro workouts can prove to be very significant not just for the physical health but also for the mental health of all who attempt it.

So, here are 10 facts that may inspire a person to get off their couch:

Relieves stress

Experts have always claimed that a movement melts away stress and keeps your mind relaxed. Exercising regularly also makes you feel happier.

Improves the cardiovascular fitness

The micro workout for 10 minutes helps in improved oxygen intake that is a measure of endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Not just the oxygen uptake, but regular exercise helps in the flow of blood, resulting in good heart health.

Maintains healthy skin

Oxidative stress affects the skin’s health. Regular micro workouts can increase the body’s production of natural antioxidants, leading to better and healthy skin.

Boosts the brainpower

Adapting the regular moderate exercises can help in better mental functioning.

Controls the blood sugar level

Many pieces of research have proved that regular exercise lowers the risk of diabetes and prediabetes.

Weight loss

Weight loss is the sole reason why many people start exercising in the first place. But as the aforementioned points clearly show, weight loss is not the only benefit of exercising. However, a person can lose weight if regular exercise has been made permanent in life.

After this, many must be wondering what all is included in that 10 minutes of physical activity that can be done in between their busy schedules. A person can always use 10 minutes of the lunch hour to go for a brisk walk, walk up and down the stairs at work for a few minutes. And when working from home during these COVID restrictions, one can always work off some of the stress of the day by exercising while playing their favorite music for 10 minutes (about three songs).

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