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Shilpa Shetty Plucking Carambola Fruits from Her Garden is Like a Kid in a Chocolate Factory

Trust Shilpa Shetty to serve ample doses of wholesomeness. Something about her personality is so healthy and jovial, instances of the same can be witnessed on her social media pages. Be it festival celebrations at home or playtime with her kids, the actress lights up everyone’s Instagram feeds instantly with glimpses of her life. Shilpa’s social media handle, just like her, is always emanating positivity. Another stress-buster video made its way online via Shilpa’s post. She keeps her timeline updated with her favourite tips and tricks and uses the platform to make a difference.

Shilpa, who took the health and wellness route long ago, has been a long-time advocate of eating organic. We all know that a healthy balanced diet is a part of Shilpa’s lifestyle, and so is fruit plucking. In today’s edition, she shared about her obsession alongside a fun video.

“So I couldn’t resist anymore and got to some ‘fruit picking’ in my garden yesterday,” shared the actress. She added, “It’s amazing when you plant with your own hands, and it grows into a tree and bears fruit, nothing beats that feeling.”

Which fruit did she pluck? Starfruits. The superfood is known as Carambola or ‘Kamrakh’ in Hindi. Shilpa revealed that starfruit is a source of vitamin C and strengthens the immune system. Pro tip? Sprinkle pink salt to make it taste better. The yoga and fitness enthusiast also requested those suffering from any kidney-related ailments to avoid the fruit.

Shilpa asked her fans, “What’s this fruit called in your native languages?”

The benefits of pesticide-free fruit and vegetables are two-fold if one is able to grow the plants themselves like Shilpa. Organic foods are better for the environment and can be better sources of nutrients like Omega 3.

In the past, Shilpa has made our lives better by sharing similar videos. Here is a sneak peek of the mother-of-two exuding joy while relishing produce from her own garden.

From bottle gourd to guava to lemon to brinjal, Shilpa’s garden is filled with many such amazing things nature has to offer.

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