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Winter Body Oil: Know All About its Benefits and Usage

No matter what time of the year it is, keeping the skin in its pristine form can appear to be an impossible task. The extra exposure to the sunlight during summers can majorly damage the skin. But, the cold temperatures and low humidity levels during winter cause dry air that draws away the moisture from the skin and results in extremely dry skin.

Wondering what’s the solution for them all? When it comes to skin, then maintaining its hydration is the only mantra. And, one product that does this job perfectly is body oil. After reading the word oil, the first thought that must have popped in everyone’s head is for sure, too greasy or doesn’t absorb well. But, the truth is quite the opposite. Despite its name, body oil, in reality, is a lightweight, intensively nourishing, and protective moisturiser. Experts have also recommended body oils as the best product to quench the skin’s thirst, as they offer the perfect way to lock the skin’s hydration while improving the body’s overall health.

Here are the reasons why body oil is a must in every closet:

  • Helps skin retain its moisture

Body oil locks the moisture into the skin for hours. Not just this, but, it penetrates the skin’s protective barrier and helps it in maintaining a radiant glow throughout the day.

  • Eliminates the stretch marks and scars

As soon as the Body oil is applied to the skin it gets absorbed deep under the skin and provides nourishment from inside out. As it repairs the skin from the inside it is extremely helpful in eliminating the stretch marks and any old scars on the body.

Body oils are made with all the natural ingredients and have aromatherapy properties, and hence it increases the level of relaxation and overall sense of emotional well-being. Experts have also claimed that body oils relieve stress, relax the mind, lessen anxiety, fulfill the need for nurturing touch and promote self-esteem.

The name must have raised the doubts in everyone’s mind that oils are always greasy and sticky, but in reality, body oil is lighter than any product that provides hydration and it quickly absorbs into the skin without feeling greasy or sticky.

After reading about the moisture that it provides to the skin, undeniably, Body oil is a blessing for people who have dry skin, who struggle to find that perfect product that can provide them with complete hydration. The winter season can be extremely cruel for them, and no one has so much time that they keep on applying the lotion after every few hours. So all the dry skin out there your search ends here.

The name must make everyone think that body oils are expensive but in reality, the small amount of body oil can go a long way, and hence they are more economical.

Here is how one can use body oil:

  1. Add it to your bathing water
  2. Apply it post-shower
  3. Use it while shaving
  4. Apply directly on the body
  5. Use them directly on the scars and stretch marks

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