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Feeling sleepiness during work? 6 tips to help you stay awake

Image Source : FREEPIK Feeling sleepiness during work? 6 tips to help you stay awake


  • Yawning during work hours may sour your relationship with the boss
  • Eat light if you are feeling the urge to sleep during worktime. Avoid carbs and sugar too
  • Splash your face with cold water to feel energised and drive out worktime blues

Dozing off during work isn’t an option and even as restlessness may creep in every once in a while, one has to be alert and invested during work hours. But, sometimes the urge to nap during work can’t be avoided. If you yawn often, it may lead to embarrassment among the colleagues. If you are guilty of feeling sleepiness during worktime, try out the hacks mentioned below.

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Caffeine intake

Getting caffeine in the body is a sure shot way to avoid the urge to sleep. It gives an instanat energy boost and stimulates the brain and nervous system, making one perform better.

Walk around

Physical activity like walking around for sometime inside or outside the office premises may help you get rid of the restlessness. It will also make you feel energised. 

Listen to music

Listening to the right kind of music may also help you beat worktime blues. Fast paced or upbeat music will prevent you from falling asleep during work. If you tune into softer tunes, chances are the urge to sleep may only increase. 

Eat light

If you are feeling the urge to sleep during work, eat light. Don’t stuff up as it will only make things worse. Stay away from carbs and sugar. Eat a light lunch to keep your energy up. 

Splash water on your face

Best way to avoid sleep is washing your face with cold water. It will energize you and increse alertness. 

Avoid silence and monotony

Too much silence around the workspace can lead to sleepiness. Talk to a colleague about something interesting to stimulate your brain and increase alertness. Additonally, take up work and responsibilites to keep yourself busy and avoid feeling tiredness. Longer periods of no activity also lead to drowsiness so keep your schedule packed with work.  


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