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Weight Loss: Not Able to Lose Weight? Include These 5 Lifestyle and Diet Changes

Are you tired of trying out the bunch of weight loss hacks? Losing weight is not the easiest task but if you are not able to lose weight despite making all efforts in that direction, it means there is something wrong with your approach. The key elements of losing weight are a well-planned diet, a regular workout routine and all other ways that ensure the body is functioning in an optimum manner. Along with this, strict control over fried, processed and junk food is also essential. Here are some of the most probable and commonly noticed reasons that hinder weight loss.

  1. Are you hydrated enough?

Even though we are well aware of the benefits and importance of drinking water, it is mostly the reason why people fail in their diets. Dehydration obstructs kidney function and the liver ends up compensating for its dysfunction. The liver is principally involved in burning fat, it slows down its primary function to facilitate the secondary ones. Therefore, it is essential for you to stay hydrated and add fiber to your diet.

  1. Excessive workout

While a regular workout helps you in remaining fit, if you overdo it, it might have opposite consequences. When people work out, they tend to feel more hungry and end up consuming extra calories because they think they have earned it. Excessive workouts can even promote water retention and lead to gaining weight.

  1. Stress

Majority of people don’t know the correct way to manage their stress. From a fight with a colleague or a family member to a dip in the share market, almost everything can cause stress to an individual. And usually, most people end up consuming a lot more food than they normally would. Try not to give in to your stress cravings and distract yourself.

  1. Do you remain seated?

Even if you work out for an hour every day, it won’t help if you follow a sedentary lifestyle for the rest of the day, which mainly involves sitting for a major part. An enzyme lipase plays an important role in burning fat, and sitting for long hours alters the proper formation of this enzyme in the body. Therefore, in the middle of long sitting hours, take to 2-3 minutes to take a walk as it improves your lipase production.

  1. Protein – the building blocks

Proteins are responsible for muscle building, repair, and energy needs of the body. They are vital food components that build muscle and prevent loss of lean muscle mass, and further, they speed up the loss of fat. It is important to include sufficient amounts of protein in your diet, depending upon your weight.

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